A design studio built like Voltron

We're small by design. But our network of talented and trusted contractors gives us the ability to join forces with the right people for each project to build custom-fit teams for custom-fit solutions. Trimming the fat and keeping teams lean allows us to focus on rapid iteration and beautiful execution. We're always on the lookout for clients that want to be a part of our giant super robot ( or, you know, the team ) - to work towards building something awesome together.

Think we'd hit it off?


Parlor is a small studio in Akron, Ohio founded by Bradley Elliott that creates brands, products and marketing in the digital space. We value transparency, simplicity and authenticity in our professional lives as well as our personal. Those values act as a core philosophy of our studio and our work.

And we love the hell out of what we do.

More about what we do

A few things that inspire us:

  • Good Design
  • Video Games
  • Animation
  • The Great Outdoors
  • Fishing
  • Guitars
  • Good Beer
  • Camping
  • Trail Running
  • Quality Bourbon
  • Backpacking
  • Pixel Art
  • Motorcycles
  • Photography
  • VR
  • New Tech
  • Kayaking
  • Good Jokes
  • Road Trips

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